Waterproof Cast Cover (Type I)

SEALCUFF waterproof cast & bandage protectors allow you to shower, bath and even swim with complete confidence. The cast cover uses high quality silicone seal and PVC sleeve that fits over casts, bandages, PICC lines and prosthetics. Our waterproof protectors offer complete waterproof protection, which assures the cast, bandage or wound remain dry and clean while taking shower and bath.

Features & Benefits

Watertight Seal
100% waterproof keeps your cast or bandage away from wet during shower or bathe; It is extra durable to prevent leaks even after repeated uses.
Latex-free & Safe
This cast cover is designed with a polyvinyl bag and non-Latex diaphragm to seal water out, making it friendly to latex sensitive people;
SEALCUFF cast cover offers reliable and affordable watertight protection. We are top supplier of cast and bandage protection in China, having confidence that you are using the most trusted solution.


Item Product Code Seal Diameter (mm) Size (L*M, mm)
Hand 330131 35 345*220
Short Arm 330231 35 570*235
Wide Short Arm 330232 50 610*275
Long Arm 330331 50 630*435
Foot 330631 50 325*355
Short Leg 330531 50 660*435
Wide Short Leg 330532 50 615*425
Long Leg 330431 50 785*355
Long Leg (L) 330433 85 1030*440
Short Leg (L) 330533 50 670*440
Pediatric Arm (S) 320230 35 340*240
Pediatric Arm (M) 320231 35 490*240
Pediatric Arm (L) 320232 35 548*380
Pediatric Leg (S) 320530 35 320*286
Pediatric Leg (M) 320531 55 500*340
Pediatric Leg (L) 320532 55 730*340

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