Far Infrared Heating Pad

CIE classification considers wavelength at 3.0 - 100 μm as far infrared. THERMOWRAP Far Infrared Heating pad is a safe and natural alternative therapy can be used in the treatment of arthritis, muscle pain, spasms, shoulder or joint stiffness. Our heating pad is portable, so it may be applied as needed at home, at work, or while traveling.

Features & Benefits

The Light of Life
The range of waves generated by the human body is 6 to 20 microns. It has been observed in clinical trials that far infrared rays can stimulate cells and tissue, and is considered a promising treatment modality for certain medical conditions;
Deep Penetrating Warmth
Made of 100% carbon fiber fabric, and FIR energy travels in straight lines and is easily absorbed by the human body, reaching deeper into muscle tissue than electrical heating, not just on the surface;
Safe and Smart Heating
Low-voltage heating system will automatically shut off after 30 minutes treatment for a better safety. 3-stage temperature controller easily adjusts heat to your comfort level and algorithm added to make the heating more even at each point;
Extremely Fit & Comfortable
Anatomically designed wraps allowing to provide users an ultimate fit. The wrap is made of Neoprene which is valued for its high tensile strength, resilience, insulation which brings you a soft and comfortable feeling;
On the Go Solution
Most heating wrap in the market is powered by 5V battery, while our heat wrap uses 12V DC power bank (optional), which will allow ours deliver almost the same high temperature as wall adapter without compromise;
Wear A Medical Device
Heat therapy applied to possible wearable products from consumer use to Medical Device. CryoPush heat therapy wrap is FDA registered to ensure a premium product quality and safety.


Item Product Code Size (mm) Weight (g)
Shoulder Wrap B5 861*600 290
Back Wrap E5 1070*190 194
Elbow Wrap F5 630*250 165
Hand Wrap G5 570*190 153
Thigh Wrap C5 675*200 180
Knee Wrap H5 1100*250 217
Ankle Wrap A5 455*295 165
Foot Wrap K5 325*245 115

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