Cold Wrap

CryoPush Cold Wrap can reduce pain after both injury and surgery, helping you to wean off of their pain medication faster, resulting in an earlier return to work. Our cold wrap is built with isolated layers to reduce the impact of condensate water and the cold loss. Our gel pack is well designed for durability and safety. There are up to 12 cold wraps for your choice.

Features & Benefits

Stay Cold Longer
High-performance not-toxic gel stays for a safe and longer cold. What is more, the formula of our gel could be adjusted to meet your special requirement;
Safe and Leak-free
Three-layer construction provides a comfortable cold therapy and double sealed and pvc-coated nylon exterior builds for a durable and leak-free pack;
Easy to Use and Clean
Anatomical design with elastic straps targets for a customized fit and removable gel pack feature adds convenience for washing.


Item Product Code Size (mm) Weight (g)
Head Wrap I3 725*410 394
Face Wrap L3 810*120 94
Neck Wrap J3 865*230 358
Shoulder Wrap B3 770*610 514
Back Wrap E3 1255*220 384
Elbow Wrap F3 695*400 614
Hand Wrap G3 615*260 446
Thigh Wrap C3 785*420 424
Knee Wrap H3 735*580 510
Calf Wrap D3 775*420 420
Ankle Wrap A3 725*380 726
Universal Wrap K3 315*210 480

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