Cold Compression Wrap

The RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) method is the most commonly recommended treatment for soft tissue injuries. CryoPush cold compression wrap combines ice and compression together with the simplest and most cost- effective way. It Includes one support, one compression air pump, and one removable cold gel pack.

Features & Benefits

Cold Therapy
Helps to reduce inflammation and edema and relieve pain safely, making your recovery faster and more comfortable. Special formular gel provides a longer cold, and the gel pack is built for durable and leak-free with double sealed and pvc-coated nylon exterior for a better safety;
Customizable Compression
Hand pump allows you to easily customize the level of compression by adding and releasing air as needed. The cold compression wrap includes a small anchor strap to secure the excess tubing and the hand pump that can also be removed;
8 Wraps for Your Option
Anatomical design and adjustable straps targets for a customized fit; and there are total eight wraps for you to choose from including shoulder, elbow, hand, back, thigh, knee, calf and ankle.


Item Product Code Size (mm) Weight (g)
Shoulder Wrap B1 770*620 546
Elbow Wrap F1 700*400 650
Hand Wrap G1 620*260 474
Back Wrap E1 1254*228 412
Thigh Wrap C1 790*425 450
Knee Wrap H1 735*580 544
Calf Wrap D1 780*415 450
Ankle Wrap A1 725*375 770

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