Waterproof Cast Protector (Type II)

The SEALCUFF new version reusable waterproof cast cover is the easy way to keep water out while you shower, take a bath or play. Unlike PP plastic hand cast cover will leave the mark on your skin, this neoprene ring is so soft without leave marks on your skin. To keep your wound and bandage dry without worry. It`s the easy way to cover cast and bandage wearers of all ages with extra protection.

Features & Benefits

Soft and Comfortable
Neoprene seal is much soft and comfortable comparing with diaphragm ring seal which makes it easier to pull on and off, and for blood circulation, especially friendly to the elderly and children;
It is 100% latex free and never a worry about an allergic skin reaction. Premium polyvinyl bag provides an excellent durability, so you could use it repeatedly;
Multiple Sizes are Available
More than 10 sizes are available, for adult and children from arm to leg. The color and the seal diameter of ring and pattern on polyvinyl bag could be customized.


Item Model No. Seal Diameter (mm) Size (L*M, mm)
Hand 230131 35 380*240
Short Arm 230231 35 570*240
Wide Short Arm 230232 55 610*290
Long Arm 230331 55 430*630
Foot 230631 55 310*360
Short Leg 230531 55 650*440
Wide Short Leg 230532 55 660*440
Long Leg 230431 55 770*440
IV&PICC (S) 231030 35 300*220
IV&PICC (L) 231032 55 400*280
Pediatric Arm (S) 220230 35 340*240
Pediatric Arm (M) 220231 35 490*240
Pediatric Arm (L) 220232 35 548*380
Pediatric Leg (S) 220530 35 320*286
Pediatric Leg (M) 220531 55 500*340
Pediatric Leg (L) 220532 55 730*340

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