Waterproof Cast Cover (PICC)

This waterproof cast cover is a newly developed wound care product by Cryopush, it aims to bring excellent waterproof protection to affected area during showering or bathing, especially for elbow injury or PICC line. Traditional cast protector features large coverage, which caused discomfort and tied hand, while our PICC cover frees hand and allows user moving freely.

Features & Benefits

Silica Gel
Soft silica gel material ensures wear comfort and it will not compress blood vessels . No odd smell and it is high temperature resistant, safe to use.
Flexible Wearing
The PICC protector features simple design and light weight, it is easy to put on and off, users can flexibly stretch it to required area.
Sleeve Type
Sleeve type design, no full or half arm coverage like old versions, hand is freed to ensures more convenience and comfort during showering or activities.
High Elastic
The product is of high elasticity, it will not easily lose shape and can be used repeatedly
One-step moulding process, 100% waterproof to keep the wound or PICC line dry


Size Length Diameter Circumference
M 300mm Upper arm: 60mm; Forearm: 50mm Upper arm: 220-260mm; Forearm: 180-220mm
L 320mm Upper arm: 65mm; Forearm: 55mm Upper arm: 260-350mm; Forearm:220-280mm

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