Gel Sleeve

The Cryopush gel sleeve features flexible uses and multi functions, it is to bring as much convenience as possible to athletes, workout enthusiasts, home care users etc for faster recovery. The gel sleeve can be used as cold therapy or heat therapy with the help of a freezer or a microwave; its high performance gel formula ensures long-lasting cold or heat; Each sleeve suits different body parts with high elasticity, you can just stretch it to fit required area and then move freely.

Features & Benefits

Fashion Design & Easy Wear
The gel sleeve looks fashion with unique pattern designs, except the 4 regular types, you can also customize pattern, color or sizes. It is stretch to fit, no Velcro or harness to mess up; the high elastic sleeve allows you to adjust it to different body parts.
Cold+Heat In One
It can be used as cold therapy or heat therapy. Cold therapy is applicable for physical cooling, acute injury, soft tissue injury and arthritis; which can effectively relieve pain, control swelling and reduce soft tissue contusion so as to accelerate healing. While heat is more effective in controlling chronic muscle pain and joint aches.
Move Freely
The gel sleeve is flexible to fit and does not fall off, you can move freely at the same time of cold/heat therapy whether to drive, walk or warm up.
Comfortable & Effective
High performance gel formula is toxic free, safe to use and the coldness lasts 5 times than traditional ice packs. it produces little condensate and no risks of infection. Quality elastic fabric and small evenly located gel packs ensure the 360°coverage and close fit, cold and heat therapy to another level.


Model Size(mm) Circumference(mm) Gel pack Qty
A-S-01 130*70 Natural: 140;Max:260 3
A-S-02 240*70 Natural: 140;Max:260 6
A-M-01 130*95 Natural: 190;Max:360 4
A-M-02 240*95 Natural: 190;Max:360 8
A-L-01 130*125 Natural: 250;Max:460 5
A-L-02 240*125 Natural: 250;Max:460 10
A-XL-01 130*160 Natural: 320;Max: 540 6
A-XL-02 240*160 Natural: 320;Max: 540 12

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